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A Bad Start. And Downhill From There

Former A4e Chair Emma Harrison’s appearance on Channel 4 News last night is a lesson in crisis mis-management. Amid fresh claims that the firm is under-performing David Cameron's former families champion defended her welfare-to-work company for the first time on air since she stood down. You can read the background to the story here and watch the Channel 4 interview here. As you'll see it starts off badly and goes rapidly downhill from there. As we always say on our media training ...


This week’s media training tips:

Each day on our twitter feed (@InsideEdgeMedia) we post a media training tip.  Here's this week's selection: "Listen to interruptions, they're often benign helping you elaborate on a point" "Always feel supported when you go on air. Never go it alone unless you feel confident enough to do so." "Sending a press release? Always think of the visual. An example from yesterday's Standard:" "Prepare for an off air briefing with a ...