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Happy 20th Birthday BBC 5Live

The BBC's 5 Live rose from the ashes of a strange radio mongrel. The original Radio 5 was an unwieldy mix that included Open University lectures bequeathed by Radio 3 and schools programming, previously aired on Radio 4  - in addition to sport - and a lively breakfast show hosted by Danny Baker. It was a case study of mish mash, on how not to programme content, and failed to attract a sufficiently large and loyal audience.


People Power

Here’s a bit of banter between Radio 5 Live presenters that actually exposes a sea-change in the way news programmes are produced and presented: “...this is what’s now get immediate responses and opinions from listeners”...”I was still reading letters when I started...” Feedback from the audience is instantaneous. Most presenters have a console in front of them at all times with texts and tweets popping up at a rate of hundreds ever minute at peak hours.