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Shoes On The Right Feet

A client recently described being in a studio as like walking with your shoes on the wrong feet. The seemingly straightforward feels odd. TV and radio studios are strange, off-putting places - here are 5 things that could well phase you but shouldn't... 1) You're ignored At times, presenting a live programme is incredibly difficult. The last priority of a presenter being shouted at in their headphones/earpiece whilst digesting a bit of breaking news as well as carrying out a live interview ...


The Biggest Show In Town

Like the Olympics, the World Cup isn’t a sporting event. It’s an Event full stop. And while sports producers concentrate on what happens on the pitch, news producers scramble for angles off it. How could you tap into one of the biggest agendas in town? 1) The Climate. Humidity will be pushing 100% for England’s opening match.  We need people to paint vivid pictures on air about what happens to a body being pushed in those conditions. 2) The Brazilian context. 5 live’s ...