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The Interview Rulebook

"Why should I play by your rules?" is sometimes a challenge we're posed in the thick of our training. It's an interesting point. Chris and I outline strategies that we know are beneficial to both the interviewer and the interviewed. We argue that there is a shared goal in connecting with the audience. But delegates sometimes feel short changed. I think they feel they're making all the compromises - not us. Telling our kind of story - within our timescale. Yes of ...


Disarm us of some dangerous scepticism

Whilst you can often work collaboratively with a journalist,  some things can up the ante and lead to  you being at the receiving end of more challenging questions. 1. You're spending a lot of money. You know your project is a drop in the ocean as far as your organisations' spending is concerned, but still be mindful it can seem an eye watering  amount to many in your audience  Can you demonstrate you're making every pound count? If you appear complacent you're ...