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Come Down From Your Pedestal

A fresh health perspective, like a keen wind has been blowing in from the Fens in recent days. As you are probably aware, it's a stark wake up call to the lazy, the inert and all of us who are rather partial to hours on the sofa. Research from the University of Cambridge reveals more people across Europe die through inactivity, rather than through being severely overweight. 676,000 deaths each year are caused by not doing a lot,  compared with 337,000 ...



Look, it's only fair we kick off the New Year with more good news than bad. Let's get the bad news out and upfront. Hijacks in the minds of some of our delegates don't only happen in a jet  30,000 feet up in air. They worry that some minor point, some chance remark they inadvertently make in the course of an interview will be seized on by a fickle presenter, dragging the whole conversation off the course they wanted to chart. Fair ...