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Focus on...Press Conferences For the second MMB in a row, we use politicians to demonstrate bad practice. (When will they ever learn?) Last week, careless small talk in studios, this week, press conferences. We run a lot of crisis management training and while "pressers" (as journalists call them) can be an effective way of controlling the message, bad planning usually leads to bad headlines. Let's take Angela Eagle's press conference. Yes, events were very fast moving that day but aides should have alerted ...


Focus rules In every media training session we've ever run, we've always emphasised the number 1 rule of studio etiquette: Assume every camera is live and every microphone is open. Anything you'd like to add to this, Mr Clarke? Perhaps he'd taken lessons from his former boss. Or looked across to the other side of the Commons for advice on studio etiquette. Prince Charles might have a view... Some aspects of media training are challenging. This isn't one of them. Reputations can ...