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Welcome to Inside Edge's Monday Media Briefing. Every Monday you'll be able to see what's in the news gathering diary for the week ahead, watch and listen to interviews we've seen or heard which have useful learning points, focus on a particular aspect of media training, as well as showcase one of our #50tips; 50 short films packed with insights from us.


The Grand Inquisitors

“For interviewers, ignorance is not a problem..." The words of Jeremy Paxman, on stage and in conversation with John Humphrys. You don’t turn down a chance to hear the two Grand Inquisitors discuss their trade and the old pitbulls didn’t disappoint. Paxman's quote continues... “...You and I generally know a great deal less than the person we are interviewing.”  Which is exactly why in our media training sessions we encourage delegates to take strength in their expertise. Bring genuinely compelling content and even ...