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Five On…Twitter

1) For many journalists, Twitter is the first place they turn to when sourcing guests for a story. Many use an app called Followerwonk, which searches Twitter biographies, so make sure yours contains the appropriate keywords. 2) If you are commenting on, or at the centre of a major news story, make sure you (or someone) is across Twitter, as journalists may well be using it to source lines of questioning on the topic. 3) If you have an off-air briefing ...


Five On…What To Wear

Five on…what to wear 1) What you wear matters as much for radio as TV. Many radio studios have webcams and some now film their output to distribute as social media clips. 2) Avoid clothing with detailed patterns and stripes. This can strobe. 3) Avoid distracting accessories, logos or novelty ties. (Jon Snow might be able to get away with it. You won’t…) 4)  You will usually wear a clip mic in a TV studio, therefore don’t wear anything round your neck (scarves or ...


Five On…interview cliches

Comparisons can be powerful in interviews. However, where creative comparisons inspire, cliched comparisons bore and irritate. Therefore from now on could we all please avoid... 1) Wembley Stadium "The number of people affected could fill Wembley Stadium 25 times over..." Imagine the queues on the Jubilee line 2) Olympic Size swimming pools "The amount of water produced could fill five Olympic-size swimming pools..." One to avoid, particular in an actual Olympic year when everyone else is jumping on this sporting band-wagon 3) Wales "The area affected is five times the ...