Five On…Telephone Interviews

1) It should be a last resort
Try and get to a broadcast point if you can. Telephone interviews are often dropped by producers who

have over-filled their running orders. It’s harder to ditch the person that has made the effort to come into the studio.

2) Always a landline
Mobiles cut out. They run out of battery. And news alerts and notifications can distract.

3) Create the right environment
Aim for a room where you won’t be disturbed. It’s often good to opt for somewhere other than your usual work space.  That way you won’t be tempted to multi-task and colleagues won’t barge in with urgent questions.

4) Up your energy levels 
The phone can strip out some of the energy from our voices. Up your energy levels by at least a notch. That doesn’t mean speaking any quicker. Space and pace in answers are crucial when undertaking a phone interview.

5) Prepare 
Prepare for a telephone interview in exactly the way you would if you were heading to a studio. Download the Inside Edge On Air Planner and always create space for preparation time.

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