About Us

Our story – and your journey

“We set up Inside Edge because we witnessed so many radio and TV guests getting it wrong. What still enthuses us 10 years on is that we can change that …”

It’s about, we realised, rediscovery – not about wholesale and difficult transformations which might never be achieved. It’s recognising that the more human we are on air the more authentic we’ll be. We’ll show you how to be more natural in an unnatural environment. We’ll help you make sense of what’s  important to you and to take control of the unpredictable – so you get to say what you want to say no matter what the questions are.

We offer the insights that come from a long track record of broadcast journalism but as experienced educators we also build confidence – spotting how to utilise your strengths as an interesting and distinctive individual.

Practice, framed by detailed and personalised feedback is the heart of the workshop mix. We always offer a minimum of two highly realistic simulations. Improved communication can only come experiencing the lights, cameras and microphones – and then building on that experience.

We aim to make our sessions a challenging but stimulating journey. Many of the people we work with say they’re surprised how much they enjoyed the training. Here’s more of how they view us and our  coaching:

“Superb. Extremely informative and helpful.Would strongly recommend.Trainer had immense experience and gave clear, focused advice.” Stonewall, 2018

“It was great to get first hand experience and very useful to have such experts at Inside Edge. I feel more confident for future media experiences.” King’s College London, 2018 

“Professional, friendly, focused, invaluable input and dynamic feedback. Super session. Lots of suggestions and practical advice.Thank you!”  University of Durham, 2018

“Tony and Chris made me feel very comfortable, I really enjoyed the day and have taken away a lot of great tips and advice.” ASOS, 2018

Chris Jameson

Chris has extensive experience as a senior BBC network producer and reporter. For ten years he worked at BBC Radio 5 Live on a range of programmes and as a reporter based in Japan. He has produced several major set-piece broadcasts for the network and his programmes have won several Sony Radio Awards. For a number of years Chris also ran the communications team at international charity Peace Direct.

In his own words: “I’ve always loved and been fascinated by news. As a media trainer, demystifying the news process for people is hugely rewarding, as is sharing proven techniques enabling interviewees to connect with their audience”

What others say“Chris is a creative, determined and thorough journalist. His ideas are original, his thought-process is clear and focussed, and he always delivers. I trust him implicitly and respect his work enormously. He’s also a lovely bloke to work alongside.”
Victoria Derbyshire, Presenter BBC Television

Tony Prideaux

Tony is an experienced broadcast journalist and communications specialist. He has worked extensively with the BBC and in the commercial sector primarily as a news reader and producer. In the course of his work at a large international agency he delivered keynotes to a range of audiences and continues to enjoy presenting to and facilitating conferences. His track record as a teacher across adult learning now informs his training style.

In his own words: “People appreciate honesty when coupled with clear pointers on how they can draw on their strengths to improve. That’s what I particularly enjoy – customising support to each individual delegate”

What others say: 
“I value how Tony consistently guides guests to focus on the impact of the issue under review and how he uses his skills as a broadcaster to build interesting exchanges between the participants. He’s always well briefed and adept at putting speakers at ease” 

Marie Ashton, Head of Marketing and Communications, Institute for Learning