Online Coaching

Our approach:

“What we want to achieve with online coaching is no different to our face to face sessions. We’ve worked really hard to make them bespoke, stimulating and highly practical and we’re pleased to say it’s proved to be an extremely effective way of working. Crucially Zoom’s record function means our media training delegates can still undertake realistic interview simulations, play them back and receive detailed and constructive feedback. It also means our other sessions – including presentation skills, social media and media awareness are also highly practical. However good the content is, nobody wants to spend too long sat staring at a screen listening to someone speak!”

Bespoke, practical coaching for people who may need to represent an organisation, issue, research or product on air and in print 

  • stand-alone session or refresher training
  • recorded interviews enabling playback and detailed constructive feedback
  • workshop focusing on two central themes (control and connecting with the audience) plus an expanded section on undertaking remote interviews
  • extensive post-session support including online resources, weekly emails and a follow up phone call

Practical support for people who want to develop their presence and influence when talking online and face to face to a range of audiences.

  • key principles of effectiveness are explored in an interactive workshop
  • delegates get to record their own presentation and receive feedback
  • handling questions and managing webinars are additional components in preparing you for assured and persuasive engagements 
  • preparation templates allow delegates to embed good practice in future presentations 

Comprehensive and engaging introduction to every aspect of the media for those within an organisation who want or need an awareness of a fast-changing landscape

  • content including how journalists source stories, the newsroom deconstructed, supporting spokespeople and crafting news stories
  • virtual break-out sessions allowing time for small group work, activities and discussion
  • audio and visual clips used throughout with filmed insights from our pool of journalists
  • post-session support including online resources and weekly emails

Highly targeted social media coaching rooted in the HE sector designed specifically for university staff

  • beginner or intermediate level training
  • providing a tailored approach and manageable long term social  media strategy 
  • content including social media in the research cycle, how, what, when and who to Tweet, building a constructive network and dealing with the darker side

“Fantastic. The fact it was done on Zoom didn’t diminish the reality of the practice interviews so credit to Inside Edge for that, and I learned even more than I’d hoped.”
Academic, University of Portsmouth
May 2020

“I was daunted by the prospect of a full day Zoom conference, but it was broken up really well – amazingly minimal technical difficulties and really interesting, engaging content that will be very useful for me and the spokespeople I support.”
Delegate, CharityComms
April 2020

“Really fantastic support – quickly helped me become clearer and more confident with media communications. Definitely recommend!”
Academic, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
May 2020