Coronavirus: an update

In response to these difficult times we’re temporarily moving to online coaching and support.

Remote training is something we’ve successfully undertaken with international clients in the past. We’ve now refined our provision to meet the needs of all our clients using the latest technology available. We are offering online 1 to 1 sessions lasting 90 minutes plus preparation time.

What it means is that we will be able to customise each online session with interview simulations relating to the specific interest of the delegate, who will then be able to review their performance and receive detailed feedback. The session will include core workshop content which can be viewed as we talk individuals through key strategies for successful media engagement. For obvious reasons we’ve also expanded our section on how to undertake remote interviews and training will be accompanied by a resources pack to support learning.

In terms of costings, we’re offering packages of training for groups as well as a pay as you go approach with sessions booked as required. For more details simply drop us a line at or call us on 020 8981 7411.

We both hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Tony and Chris