Five on…a live studio-based radio interview

Each week between now and Christmas, five on…
5 nuggets of advice on a certain aspect of media engagement.

We’ll cover as many bases as we can – from preparation, to the interview itself and the post mortem that should follow. If you’ve a suggestion for a topic area, please get in touch

This week:
five on… a live studio-based radio interview:

1 Expect to be ignored
Nobody’s priority is to put you at your ease. Especially if you are part of a live sequence

2 Put the headphones on as soon as you sit down
Producers on the other side of the glass need to be able to communicate with you

3 Keep half an ear on the content preceding your item
Presenters have been known to link items, particularly if there’s a common thread.

4 Your mouth should be 6-8 inches from the microphone
Any further away you are off-mic, any nearer and you can pop and distort

5 Remember people may well be watching as well as listening
We’re talking webcams and cameras recording content for social media clips

Any tips you’d like to add are very welcome. Next week, five on…interview feedback.

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