Five On…interview cliches

Comparisons can be powerful in interviews.
However, where creative comparisons inspire, cliched comparisons bore and irritate.
Therefore from now on could we all please avoid…

1) Wembley Stadium
“The number of people affected could fill Wembley Stadium 25 times over…”
Imagine the queues on the Jubilee line

2) Olympic Size swimming pools
“The amount of water produced could fill five Olympic-size swimming pools…”
One to avoid, particular in an actual Olympic year when everyone else is jumping on this sporting band-wagon

3) Wales
“The area affected is five times the size of Wales…”
Why always Wales? Slovenia is about the same size – let’s all start using that instead

4) Double decker buses
“When completed, it will stretch the length of over 50 double decker buses…”
Maybe we could send them to pick up all those people filling Wembley Stadium

5) The PM’s pay packet
“She allegedly earns more than double the salary of the Prime Minister…”
Perhaps the laziest comparison of them all, and applied with venom to anyone from a civil servant to a head teacher – neither of whom can earn millions on the lecture circuit when they leave their post.

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