Five On…Presenters

Five on…presenters

1) They have egos 

However this doesn’t mean you should fawn over them, refer to them repeatedly by their first name in interviews, or preface every answer with ‘that’s a good question’. None of this washes

2) They are busy 

Presenting is a tough gig and involves some pretty furious multi-tasking. A presenter’s last priority is to put you at your ease. Expect to be ignored in the lead-up to going on air

3) They can be mischievous 

Keep your guard up right until the last breath of an interview. A final and seemingly casual throw away personal question or off topic curve-ball can be laced with danger for interviewees

4) They respect content 

The best way to get a presenter on side? Be compelling. Be relevant. Be newsworthy. Involve the audience. Bring your subject to life.

5) They’re not bad people 

Actually some of them are to be honest. But the vast majority are thoroughly decent people who are very well paid to do a very difficult job. Also, some of them have 3:30 am daily alarm calls. At the very least, they deserve our sympathy for that…

Next week: five on…off-air briefings

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