Five On…undertaking Skype interviews

Five on…undertaking Skype interviews 

Whilst it’s usually always better to get to a TV studio if you can, Skype interviews are increasingly popular. Here are our tips:

1) Keep your eyes on the camera
Don’t be tempted to look at the image of the person you are talking to. Put a piece of paper over the monitor if you have to, but maintain eye contact with the camera (and therefore the viewer) at all times

2) Check the backdrop
No children, no book-shelves, no greetings cards, no work white-boards with mobile numbers and team targets. Aim for a white wall, no distractions, and nothing that compromises your reputation

3) Don’t disconnect first
Don’t race to hang up at the end of the interview as you may remain in shot for a number of seconds. Stay still and composed and let the producer disconnect first

4) Let the light in
Whether it’s natural or artificial, get as much light into the room as possible.

5) Get your posture right
Laptops in particular aren’t conducive to a good posture. Put some books underneath the computer so that your eye line is level with the camera without having to stoop.

Next week: five on…presenters
And if you’ve a suggestion for a topic area, please get in touch.

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