How To Sell A Book On Air

Effectively promoting a book on air is a constant balancing act. Provide enough content but don’t give away the shop. Plug the book but don’t sound like a salesperson. It takes work (and good media training) to get it right, and these 5 points will put you on the right track:

1) Let your personality come through in the interview.
However good your content is, if I don’t warm to you it’s unlikely I’ll part with £12.99.

2) Be introduced in exactly the way you want.
Do everything in your power to ensure the presenter name-checks the book so you don’t have to.

3) Don’t shoehorn in awkward references.
I pondered the answer to this very question while writing my new book...”

4) Do shoehorn in natural references.
I worked out I’d travelled over 12 thousand miles in the course of researching this book and what I noticed time after time was…

5) Go on air when there’s a news agenda you can tap into.
Channel 4 News won’t dream of booking you unless there’s a news peg to justify the interview.

In my experience as a producer and a media trainer, one of the biggest mistakes authors make is to try and give an overview of their entire 800 page tome in a four minute interview. What lies at the heart of our coaching with writers is to help them to focus on a single compelling aspect that allows the time and space to bring those specific pages to life on air.

It’s not easy, but probably the single most effective way to inspire someone to buy your book.

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