Advanced Media Training

An intense and practical course for senior spokespeople. We prepare delegates for the toughest questions and tailor each part of the day to address specific challenges that could confront your organisation. A wide range of simulation options include television press conferences and radio phone-ins. It is a wholly realistic session with quality support and coaching throughout.

Core Modules:

Sharpening your message
The importance of a topline
Key interview techniques and the on air principles that underpin them

Keeping in control
Strategies for gaining the upper hand in demanding interviews
Turning reactive situations to your advantage

Dealing with bad news
What to do and say when a negative story breaks
Handling tough questions and demanding reporters
Responding to hostile guests

Anticipating news angles and how to deal with them
Creating positive newslines

Advanced TV and Radio techniques
Remaining composed and authentic under pressure
Handling a group of journalists

Interview simulations are central to every Inside Edge course

We bring industry standard equipment to you or source state of the art studios. Training includes a minimum of two simulations to test you in a wide variety of situations and to offer different interview styles.

Options include:

  • News Conference
  • Interview with hostile guest
  • Radio phone-in
  • Soundbite recording

Additional modules:

  • The truth about journalists
  • Managing bad news
  • Becoming a reliable source
  • Journalists’ tricks of the trade

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