Crisis Management

Realism is the watchword as we devise and play out a crisis your organisation could face.

In this scenario-based session spokespeople and senior managers are coached through every step of a breaking news story. By its conclusion delegates will have developed the techniques to remain composed and in control as they face intensifying media interest. They will also have developed strategies to protect – and even enhance – the reputation of their organisation at a critical time.

Illustration of a full day crisis management session which can be adapted to suit your particular requirements:

    • Scenario is introduced – brainstorm on threats to reputation
    • Emergency briefing: essential first steps in handling the media in a crisis
    • Small group coaching on maintaining control in interviews
    • Protocols for press conference and writing an opening statement
    • Simulation 1: Press Conference- filmed
    • Playback and action planning
    • New development to scenario is introduced
    • Small groups work on refining key messages and test them with trainers
    • Simulation 2: One to one studio interview – filmed
    • Individual feedback
    • Coaching in handling hostile guests and phone-in protocols
    • Simulation 3: Discussion with hostile guest and phone-in
    • Plenary, action planning
    • One to one feedback and explanation of aftercare

We’ll turn a meeting room into a studio:

A full portable studio including lights and experienced camera operator means you’ll experience the pressures of going live. Alternatively we can source city centre studios.

You’ll benefit from the services of two trainers:

It means you’ll be subjected to different interview styles and receive substantial one to one feedback from BBC-trained experts

The scenario is designed to match the requirements of your organisation:

We’ll work closely with you to customise every part of the day

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