Inside Edge Survey

Giving you a genuine inside edge into the industry

At Inside Edge we’re committed to providing bang up to date media training. Broadcast news constantly evolves and if trainers don’t reflect those changes, their delegates can appear out of touch and powerless to get their message across.

That’s where the Inside Edge Survey comes in.

We have a pool of senior journalists and presenters currently working in broadcast news. The resulting survey is a definitive profile of what works on air.

The journalists regularly update their answers and we’re always on the look-out to increase the pool of people who contribute. It’s a document that evolves just as the industry evolves.

Whatever course they attend, all Inside Edge delegates benefit from this resource.

We also offer a special Survey Briefing. Over an informative and entertaining 30 minutes, we build up a picture of the perfect interviewee, supported by plenty of audio and visual examples. It’s perfect as a breakfast or lunch session. Please get in touch if you’d like more information.

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