Media Training For Academics

We understand the challenges academics face in communicating often complex subjects.
We build confidence, develop the strategies to be successful and give you the opportunity to test your skills in realistic interview simulations.

Core elements

Making your research newsworthy
The importance of news values

How to give research impact

How to connect with the audience on air
The five key Inside Edge principles – why they matter, the evidence that proves it, and how to use them

The challenge
Making sense without dumbing down
Techniques to make your subject accessible

Voice training and camera techniques
How to look and sound your best
The broadcast conventions you need to know

Preparing to go live
The On Air checklist
Relaxation and focussing techniques

Interview simulations are central to every Inside Edge course

We bring industry standard equipment to you or source state of the art studios. All our training includes a minimum of two simulations so you can build on the first encounter and experience different interview styles.

Options include:

  • Studio interview
  • Remote/Down-the-line
  • Studio discussion
  • Soundbite recording

Additional Modules:

  • The truth about journalists
  • Becoming a reliable source
  • Develop your online research presence

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