Presentation Skills

Many of our media training clients kept telling us they could apply our journalism insights to making their presentations much more compelling. It’s true – effective public speaking is like a great interview – you must be focussed and authentic to get your audience to engage with your message. Here it is:  a unique course shaped by our experience as both reporters and communicators.

Core Modules:

Telling the right story
The fundamental questions you must ask yourself in planning and structuring your presentation
Getting impact upfront

Focussing your message
The all-important top line and how it can help shape your whole presentation
Language – making what you say succinct and accessible

Taking your place at the centre of the presentation
How to look and sound good
Using your energy to prove what you’re saying matters

Dealing with nerves
Establishing how to remain in control
Relaxation and focussing strategies

A highly practical session includes a filmed presentation:

Recording and playback is an essential part of the learning process because you need to see what the audience is experiencing. We will help you reflect on your performance and build an action plan for the future

Additional Modules:

  • Handling questions
  • Effective use of powerpoint
  • Strategies for large and small groups

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