Social Media Training for Universities

Highly targeted social media training designed specifically for 

For some academics, social media is a transformative way to communicate research, build a network and raise a profile. For others, it’s just one more thing they feel compelled to do in an already packed working day.

Our social media coaching works because it doesn’t just demonstrate the power and effectiveness of social media, it roots the training in the HE sector and provides a tailored approach and manageable long term SM strategy for each academic.

Our workshops run across a half or full day in groups of up to 12, but can also be adapted into a lecture style session for larger numbers.

The following content is tailored to those academics new to social media:

Why bother? The benefits and pitfalls of social media for an academic
How social media can be incorporated into each stage of the research cycle
How, what, when and who to Tweet
Building a useful, constructive network
LinkedIn: Our 6 minute a day strategy
Writing and promoting an academic blog
Momentum: a long term social media strategy
Dealing with the darker side of social media
Best Practice: academics with successful social media profiles

We also run sessions for academics at a more intermediate and advanced social media level, with additional content including:

Using Periscope and Snapchat as possible teaching aids
Effective use of film and multimedia
Metrics: how to assess your social media presence
How sites like Canva and Piktochart can enrich your content
Using social media to connect with journalists

Inside Edge:

Inside Edge Media Training specialises in bespoke coaching for the Higher Education sector. They currently provide a range of communication coaching with over 40 universities and Research Councils across the UK and have a proven track record in delivering realistic and targeted social media training for academics. Clients include Research Councils UK, King’s College London and University College London. 

Your trainer:

Chris Jameson has extensive experience as a senior BBC news producer and reporter. For a decade he worked at BBC Radio 5 Live – a station which pioneered the integration of social media into news output. He has produced major set-piece broadcasts for the network and his programmes have won several Sony Radio Awards.

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