Audio Diary


Five On…Presenters

Five on...presenters 1) They have egos  However this doesn't mean you should fawn over them, refer to them repeatedly by their first name in interviews, or preface every answer with 'that's a good question'. None of this washes 2) They are busy  Presenting is a tough gig and involves some pretty furious multi-tasking. A presenter's last priority is to put you at your ease. ...


Five on…undertaking Skype interviews

Five on...undertaking Skype interviews  Whilst it's usually always better to get to a TV studio if you can, Skype interviews are increasingly popular. Here are our tips: 1) Keep your eyes on the camera Don't be tempted to look at the image of the person you are talking to. Put a piece of paper over the monitor if you have to, but ...


Five on…post-interview feedback

Each week between now and Christmas, five on... 5 nuggets of advice on a certain aspect of media engagement. This week: five on…interview feedback  Five people to give you feedback on a broadcast news interview: 1) The producer Possible but unlikely. Producers are busy and won't prioritise feedback. Ask when the initial bid is made from the journalist. "I'm happy to do the interview but I'd ...


Five on…a live studio-based radio interview

Each week between now and Christmas, five on… 5 nuggets of advice on a certain aspect of media engagement. We’ll cover as many bases as we can - from preparation, to the interview itself and the post mortem that should follow. If you’ve a suggestion for a topic area, please get in touch This week: five on… a live studio-based radio interview: 1 Expect to ...