Media Training for Charities

Our Approach:

“The media landscape is evolving for the charity sector. Hostile agendas from sections of the press coupled with a succession of damaging news stories mean NGO spokespeople need to be prepared for more robust lines of questioning on air and in print. That’s a key component of this course but never at the expense of finding compelling and impactful ways to demonstrate the power, value and uniqueness of your organisation. That’s just as important – it forms a central part of this highly practical course, designed especially for the sector.”

Our Track Record:

Clients in the sector include:

Charity Comms
Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Course Outcomes:

Coaching is always with experienced trainers and former journalists and comes with extensive aftercare which includes online resources, weekly emails and a follow up phone call.

By the end of the session attendees will:

  • understand and have had the opportunity to use techniques for managing benign and tougher questioning
  • understand the communication principles which allows spokespeople to appear both empathetic and focussed
  • have experienced media scrutiny and reflected on helpful coping mechanisms
  • have had the opportunity to reflect on their own performance and set action points for further development
  • be aware of the ongoing and individualised support available to them

You can opt for:

  • coaching on your premises with camera operator & portable studio or in purpose built studios
  • half or full day sessions
  • 1-1 sessions or small groups of up to 6 across a full day or 3 across a half day
  • additional components including social media, clip recording and panel discussions
  • a lecture-style format for larger groups and conference speeches


Next steps:

We pride ourselves on tailoring our media training to suit the exact needs of the client as well as those attending the session.

You can call us on 020 8981 7411, email us at or get in touch via Twitter @InsideEdgeMedia (DMs open)