On Air Planner:

Download an outline planner and build your framework. It’s the central foundation of effective preparation.
Also download this Preparation Checklist in order to build up a detailed picture of the interview you are about to undertake.

On Air Principles

Watch this short film reviewing the on air principles we talked about on the course

Need more help?

1) Email us:

2) Phone us: 020 8981 7411

Ongoing Preparation:

Remember to see our media training as part of a process, so you are as effective as you can be in your next interview with a journalist.

First up, follow us @InsideEdgeMedia on Twitter for regular tips and insights. Second, the blog features a range of exercises and ideas to keep your media skills sharp.


At home:

  • How do you rate the interviews you see and hear on the TV and radio?
  • To what extent do they hold your attention?
  • Do they reflect the Inside Edge principles in the way they talk and behave?
  • Is there a clear top line? How do they handle contentious issues?

At work

  • Step back from the detail and the project processes.
  • What impact does your latest initiative have on a mass audience? Get into the habit of jotting your top line down.
  • Can you increase time with colleagues to discuss the relative newsworthiness of projects in your department?
  • Test out your top lines with others. Flag up areas of contention and no go areas and discuss what would be best to say if they crop up.