DIY Podcasts

Supporting you make your own podcasts

Nowadays DIY podcasts are easy to make. But good podcasts that people actually want to listen to, podcasts that enhance your brand rather than diminish it, need to be built on solid foundations.

That’s where we can help.

We’ll work with you to develop a structure and house style, as well as provide all the technical know-how, templates, musical themes and beds you need. We’ll also train your team to feel confident in front of the microphone and keep working with you over the first few months, providing regular confidence-building feedback and encouragement.

Case Study

Client: HR Insight

Brief: Not only to develop a template for a series of podcasts, but to inspire staff to get involved as well as train them in how to interview guests and use recording equipment.


Our perspective:  “We were keen to place the audience at the heart of the team’s thinking so we asked each staff member to invent a character they really wanted their podcast to appeal to. What a cast list they came up with. It really helped them to avoid introspective content and focus on information their audience genuinely wanted and needed.”

Client perspective: “Inside Edge opened my eyes to the world of podcasts!  Getting us focused on the needs of our listening audience, the training provided by Inside Edge gave our consultants the competence, but more importantly the confidence, to interview, discuss and present topical HR issues on podcasts.  A great Team to have on your side!” Heather Matheson, Managing Director, HR Insight

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