Delegate Testimonials

“This was the single most enlightening training I have been on in twenty years. I found it invaluable both professionally and personally. Thank you.”

 “An enlightening experience, You were very calm, constructive and supportive and removed any anxieties. Really helpful advice.Thank you.”

“Brilliant, insightful course with tangible takeaways. It’s made us reconsider how we would deal with crisis communications in future.”

“Thought-provoking, very effective, rapid absorption of what we need – empathetic trainers- thank you.”

“Totally professional. Made me really feel like I was on air. Great to practice, valuable feedback, very tailored and sensitive.”

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“A total requirement for all of us. Very useful, wish I’d done this years earlier. Very professional, well-rehearsed. Thank you very much indeed.”

“Loved it. A truly unique session. In my fifteen years experience I have never had any training like this”

“It’s been a fantastic experience; enabling colleagues to make a vast amount of progress in competence and confidence. You have been inspirational. Thank you.”

“Outstanding session! Informative and enjoyable. Useful for the media side but also thinking around our strategy.”

“This was a really excellent and worthwhile course. It’s refreshing to hear an honest opinion and to get constructive feedback. Lots of take home messages!”

“It is a challenging task to make others feel comfortable doing something out of their comfort zone – this was done with style and tact. Thank you.”

“Absolutely brilliant. Very helpful. Clear structured advice and feedback and practical resources.”

“Tony and Chris are excellent trainers. They explain things extremely well and the simulations feel very real. You always feel encouraged to do more and better.”

“A great workshop – brilliant mixture of examples and trying it out for ourselves in a very safe space.Genuine simulations. Will reflect more and certainly practice.”

“The best media training session I’ve ever had. Really supportive, constructive. Great simulations, enjoyable and tailored to our needs. Thanks.”

“Excellent day. Far surpassed my expectations. Brilliant teaching. Particularly enjoyed the real life practices.”

“I learned a fantastic amount – dispelled many of my myths about interviews, realised what I need to do. Trainer was spot on – gave you confidence as well as pointing out improvements.”

“Exceptional course. Expert trainers; knowledgeable, supportive and constructively critical. Simulated pressure of media well and provided insider perspective which was invaluable.”

“Excellent trainers who are both at the top of their game.”


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