Crisis Management

Our Approach:

“Spokespeople need to feel the pressure, the heat and the intensity of media scrutiny. A carefully evolved scenario plays out on the big screen through mock news bulletins and social media updates. Our crisis management coaching ensures that your senior team develop the techniques to remain composed and in control as they face intensifying media interest. We provide strategies to protect – and even enhance – the reputation of your organisation at a critical time.”

Our Track Record:

We’ve run crisis management coaching with senior teams at schools, universities, charities and businesses. We respect their anonymity however many have said they are happy to provide testimonials on our behalf if required.

Recent Crisis Management feedback includes the following:

“Tony and Chris are clearly experienced, knowledgable and skilled. They are also engaging teachers. Couldn’t have asked for better.”

A very good day – right balance of advice, encouragement, constructive feedback on weaker elements of my own style/presentation.

Very useful; never patronising. Group work can sometimes feel uncomfortable but today felt very teamly.

Course Outline:

The following session outline will be adapted to suit your particular requirements:
Scenario is introduced: brainstorm on threats to reputation

Emergency briefing: essential first steps in handling the media in a crisis
Organisational watchwords in a crisis

Simulation 1: Statement to camera- filmed
Playback and action planning

Maintaining control in interviews
Mounting an effective defence of contentious areas
The power of the specific and the importance of demonstrating impact

The key media quality for leaders:  Authenticity
How to achieve this essential quality through applying four principles:
 Conviction | Directness | Language | Respect

Simulation 2: 1-1 TV studio interview
Playback and detailed feedback
Refining and re-testing of key messages

New development to scenario is introduced

Small group sessions on:
Briefings for print journalists

Press Conferences
Social Media in a crisis

Simulation 3: down-the-line radio or TV interview
Playback and detailed feedback

Plenary, action planning
One to one feedback and explanation of aftercare

You can opt for:

  • a full day of crisis management media training with both directors of Inside Edge for up to six attendees (plus observers) based on your premises or in external training rooms and TV and radio studios
  • we can also offer a more flexible session for smaller numbers
  • a scenario that works for you and your organisation. We work closely with you in advance of the session to devise a detailed, realistic and robust

Next steps:

We pride ourselves on tailoring our media training to suit the exact needs of the client as well as those attending the session.

You can call us on 020 8981 7411, email us at or get in touch via Twitter @InsideEdgeMedia (DMs open)