Media Training Update w/c 10th June

Immortalised in Gnome Form

Good morning. It’s Monday 10th June 2024.

It’s manifesto launch week. Don’t hold me to these days, but Lib Dems are pencilled in for Monday, Conservatives Tuesday and Labour Thursday.

Monday:  Manchester City begins an arbitration battle against the Premier League’s ATP rules

Tuesday: UK labour market and wage statistics 

WednesdayLondon fundraiser for Donald Trump 

Thursday: G7 summit in Puglia

Women’s Prize for Fiction 

Friday: Scotland and Germany kick off the UEFA Euro 2024 Championships

Boeing Starliner spacecraft expected to return to Earth 

Saturday: Ukraine Peace Summit

King Charles attends Trooping the Colour 

SundayEngland face Serbia in the Euros

24 Days To Go…

We are legally obliged to bring you media election news. To stave off a mass unsubscription event I have altered the background colour to enable seamless-scrolling-to-alternative-content if so desired.

MEDIA WATCH: Excellent real-time analysis of election media coverage by Loughborough University lifts the lid on what press exposure the political parties, their policies and MPs are securing each week. READ

ITV TV DEBATE: 4.8m viewers, with 5.2m peak. Comfortably the most-watched show on television that day. And the breakdown of viewing share shows people largely stuck with it.

ONLINE ADS: “Micro-targetting is old news – show this to everyone” The new science behind online political ads. READ

TEARS BEFORE BEDTIME: I’m expecting Sir John Curtice to react in exactly the same way on the BBC’s Election Night Coverage if his polls are also miles out…

And finally, in election PR news, don’t peak too soon lads…

The number of times press officers say “I wish they’d told us before speaking to journalist X. Every time they cover this subject it is 1-sided, or twisted to fit an agenda-driven by an editor or proprietor.” 

Comms have a wealth of knowledge based on past dealings. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Year Of The Expert returns with Part 3 – Preparation.

In Chapter 1 we channel our inner Alan “Fluff” Freeman to bring you a countdown of ways your press office or comms team can support you.



Nihal Arthanayake is to leave daytimes on BBC 5 Live. Times Radio’s Matt Chorley will replace him in September. Andrew Neil arrives at Times Radio to bolster their election coverage.

An elusive goldfish-eating perch with a prodigious appetite was finally netted after two years on the rampage in a Kent pond on this day in 1977.

Highs of 17 degrees in Brighton today and 18 in Bournemouth.

And finally just time for the obligatory dog photo. Stan living his very best life…

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Have a brilliant week.

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Media Training update w/c 20th May

Clearly Drinks

Good morning. It’s Monday 20th May 2024.

Monday: Report and recommendations from the long-running infected blood inquiry are published

High Court looks set to rule on Julian Assange’s final attempt to appeal his extradition to the US 

Tuesday: Closing arguments in Trump’s hush money trial

England Euro 2024 preliminary squad announced


International Booker Prize winner announced

WednesdayPaula Vennells gives evidence at Horizon Inquiry

Thursday: Quarterly migration statistics

Friday: Anti-tourist demonstration in Ibiza

Saturday: Men’s FA Cup final: Manchester City v Manchester United

Women’s Champions League final: Barcelona v Lyon

SundayEmmanuel Macron state visit to Germany

“What I always try to explain to academics is that essentially the intellectual task of dealing with the media is actually very, very similar to the intellectual task of writing a good journal article.”

A bonus episode of Year Of The Expert featuring the thoughts of Sir John Curtice.


Publishers including Global, The Guardian and Tortoise write to the Culture Secretary to complain about BBC plans to run ads alongside its podcasts on third-party platforms.

“The impact of it extracting audio advertising funds from the nascent UK podcasting market would be disastrous, especially for the numerous small independent podcast producers.”


“Well I’m surprised at you lauding a paeon to bullying, which is what that Politico piece is, dressed up as nostalgia.”

Criticism from a reader about my praise for Jack Shafer’s article on the decline in standards of journalism in the US, which led last Monday’s edition.



We’ve said this many times before, but the media appearances party leaders really need to prep for – and take seriously – are not Today, Sky News or Newsnight, but Loose Women, Lorraine, and Newsround…

“The risk is obvious: if you screw up, you screw up in front of more people. Sunak went on Loose Women because no one’s actually going to read an interview with him in the Telegraph. Then the big story was that someone else said something to him.”

Tom Hamilton, quoted in an Observer piece by Jim Waterson, following Keir Starmer’s appearance yesterday on Sunday Brunch.


The Today Programme’s new recruit Emma Barnett, on the power of listening. Her first week has been well-received.

“So chilled John Humphrys will choke on his cornflakes.”

Mark Lawson’s review in the Guardian: READ MORE

And finally, it’s been kicking around for a while but re-surfaced on social media again last week and makes me smile every time I see it…


CNN will host the first 2024 Presidential Debate between Biden and Trump on the 27th June.

Times Radio has appointed political heavyweights Ed Vaizey and Ayesha Hazarika to share presenting duties in its weekday lunchtime slot.

Tony Blair and his wife Cherie celebrated the birth of their fourth child, Leo, on this day in 2000.

Highs of 16 degrees in Perth today and 15 in Hull.

And one of our special guest stars returns this week. Presenting Theo with his doppelgänger buddy. (Melts your heart just a bit, doesn’t he…)

Be part of the MMB. Thoughts on this week’s content, or interviews you’ve seen, heard, or (best of all) done. We’re @insideedgemedia or just reply to this email. 

Have a brilliant week.

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Media Training Update w/c 13th May

“Wounded and Limping”

“Wounded and limping, doubting its own future, American journalism seems to be losing a quality that carried it through a century and a half of trials: its swagger.”

This is a superb article from Politico’s Jack Shafer. And in many ways echoes the situation on this side of the Atlantic.


Good morning. It’s Monday 13th May 2024.

Monday: UN World Wildlife Crime Report released 

TuesdayMichelle O’Neill appears before the UK’s pandemic inquiry.

Cannes Film Festival opens

WednesdayAnnual foodbank figures from Trussell Trust 

Thursday:  Christie’s auctions Monet’s Moulin De Limetz painting

Friday: Boeing Starliner manned launch scheduled

Saturday: Stop the War / Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstrations

Sunday: Final day of the men’s Premier League season

It’s changeover day at Year Of The Expert

Part 2: The Where is now done and dusted, with all chapters now consolidated in one longer-form podcast. Next week, a cheeky Sir John Curtice bonus, before we move to Part 3. 


“I feel like I hear a diversity of opinions on immigration in BBC output. What I don’t feel I hear is enough stress-testing of those opinions. I don’t just want to hear that someone thinks something. I want to explore the reasons why they think that, and …how their perception of the issue marries with what’s actually happening.” 

A BBC journalist giving evidence to an independent review of BBC migration coverage – which finds “no consistent bias” in any direction.




Israel shuts down local Al Jazeera offices in “dark day for the media”.


UK News websites:

The Independent’s audience was up 8% month-on-month in March, leading to it jumping from sixth to fourth place in Press Gazette’s latest monthly ranking of the biggest news websites in the UK.

And finally at last week’s Arias (sorry for the cliche, but they really are the Oscars of the Radio Industry)…

Best Speech Presenter:

Marianna Spring – BBC Radio 4

Best single programme:

File on 4 – Jon Holmes, Generation Shame – BBC Radio 4


After an 86 year run Readers Digest UK is no more.

Vanessa Feltz gets a Saturday afternoon slot on LBC. Lewis Goodall gets Sunday morning. 

The Pope was shot four times at close range as he blessed the crowds in St Peter’s Square in Rome on this day in 1981.

And the popular weather slot finally returns on account of higher temperatures. 17 degrees in Bournemouth and 19 degrees in London today.  

And Leo for one is delighted… 

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Have a brilliant week.

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Media Training update w/c 29th April

The 34%

A BBC Question Time audience member originally from Congo cites conflict between Rwanda and DRC and asks the government minister if the UK would send refugees from DRC to… Rwanda. A confused Chris Philp replies: “Well, Rwanda is a different country from Congo, isn’t it?”

The image of the audience’s reaction should be hung in the National Gallery…

Good morning. It’s Monday 29th April 2024.

Monday: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez expected to make public statement on his political future

Tuesday: The King’s return to public duties 

Tony nominations announced

Wednesday: BBC faces employment tribunal over age and sex discrimination

Thursday: Local and Mayoral elections 

Results from Apple and Shell

Friday: Paul Nowak addresses NAHT conference

Sentencing for Just Stop Oil protestor who scaled M25 gantry

Saturday: Ofsted chief inspector addresses NAHT conference

Star Wars Day (“May the 4th be with you…”)

Sunday: Panama general elections

5 golden rules on how to find the contact details of a journalist. And crucially – what time should you get in touch with them? 

“I’m no mathematician, but if 34% of print journalists want 5am – 9am, and 34% of journalists want 9am – 12pm…well send it at 9am.”

It’s the final chapter of Part 2 of Year Of The Expert.


“Imagine a general election campaign where a political party can interview itself on TV every day. It’s coming soon courtesy of Ofcom.”

Professor Stuart Purvis – a former ITN News boss and Ofcom official, writes a brilliant blogpost capturing perfectly the mess the regulator has found itself in over how it decides to police (or not) output on GB News.


Roger Mosey, former BBC News boss agrees:

“I’ve supported fostering the diversity of views. But they (Ofcom) have got this one wrong. They’re creating a gulf between ‘News’ and ‘Current Affairs’ which doesn’t exist, and they rely too much on audience perceptions. There has to be an editorial grip on what is impartial and fair.”

Daisy Goodwin in The Times is sick of middle-aged mansplaining on podcasts, (and it’s hard not to disagree).

READ MORE (firewall)

Andrew Neil gave evidence to a Lords Select Committee last week and packed his evidence with more liftable quotes than you can shake a stick at.

On how government should help journalists:

“Stay the hell out of it. You’re not on our side, we’re not on your side. We’re different. Relations between journalists – all media – and government should always be bad. And never, on any account, allowed to get better.”

On how GB News might have differed had he not left two weeks after it launched:

“The production values would have been much higher. It would not have looked as if it were coming from the nuclear bunker of the president of North Korea.”

And finally…this from James Ball of Demos and The Media Society:


Fierce rioting broke out in Los Angeles following the acquittal of four white police officers accused of beating black motorist Rodney King on this day in 1992.

Weather temperatures remain suspended at this time due to stubbornly low numbers.

And just time for the obligatory dog photo.

Be part of the MMB. Thoughts on this week’s content, or interviews you’ve seen, heard, or (best of all) done. We’re @insideedgemedia or just reply to this email. 

Have a brilliant week.

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