Nothing makes me happier than hearing an interview with a compelling take-home message. (I should get out more.) I love a message rooted in the audience’s world. Fresh. Impactful. Something I can still remember a few hours after hearing it.

It shouldn’t be that difficult, however there’s a lot that can get in the way. An interviewer with an agenda. An interviewee confusing the picture with extraneous detail. Nerves. No preparation. Too much preparation…

You’d imagine I’d add to this list of obstacles being (a) horizontal (b) a metre from the ground and (c) carried by four policeman. Which is what makes the following soundbite so remarkable. Amidst almost impossibly difficult circumstances here is a key message delivered with clarity, energy and authenticity.

Her message is personal, backed up with specifics and powerful language. Concise and uncluttered.

And if she can do it being whisked off Waterloo Bridge at high speed, what’s stopping any of us from delivering something equally memorable