Sticking by Johnson

“Uxbridge residents stick by Boris Johnson despite Partygate report.”

How many doom-scrollers read this tweet from BBC Politics and didn’t bother clicking on the link? 

Me, for one.

You might reasonably conclude the BBC had commissioned some polling, particularly ahead of a crucial by-election. 


It turns out the link takes you to a write-up of a glorified vox pop, speaking to the grand total of…just let me get my calculator out here…6 people. (And one of those is actually “shaking with anger” at his contempt for the former PM.)

As polling expert Dr Will Jennings observes, “Vox pops are not a reliable tool for ascertaining voting intentions. Just think about the unrepresentativeness of who you might find to interview on a high street on a weekday. Pollsters were grappling with methodological challenges of where interviews are conducted 70 years ago.” 

I hate vox pops anyway. I hated them as a producer and I hate them now. But to grandly state that “Uxbridge residents stick by Boris Johnson” after speaking to the 6 people who could be bothered to stop and talk to the reporter is unforgivable.


It’s Monday 19th June.

Good morning. The week ahead…

Monday: David Cameron becomes the first politician to appear before the Covid-19 inquiry

Tuesday: Campsfield migrant centre planning decision due

Wednesday:  Latest inflation figures 

PM hosts the Ukraine Recovery Conference (and Thursday)

Thursday: Bank of England interest rate decision 

Friday: RCN ballot closes for nurses’ strike mandate

Seven years ago: UK held referendum on EU membership

Saturday: General election in Sierra Leone

The Reuters Digital News report for 2023 claims to reveal the 10 biggest news podcasts in the UK. 

(Note these aren’t necessarily the most-listened to. According to Reuters’ Nic Newman, “we use online survey methodologies to identify some of the most popular news podcasts.”)

Anyway, here are the runners and riders:

  1. The Rest Is Politics
  2. Newscast 
  3. The News Agents 
  4. Americast
  5. Today In Focus (The Guardian) 
  6. Ukrainecast 
  7. The New Statesman Podcast 
  8. Joe Rogan Experience
  9. The Trawl 
  10. Oh God, What Now? 

75% of podcast hosts of top-mentioned shows are men. 31% come from the BBC. 


On the Inside Edge website – Tony’s A-Z of media training: 

H is for Heritage:

A word that has associations of Tudor piles and gothic churches for many – but not for some scientists. It can mean to researchers the background and history of investigations in a particular field. And there lies the problem. A mass media audience does not have time in the flow of an interview to work out what you mean. So healthcheck your terms – is there ambiguity? If so, explain it – or find another way of describing what matters.


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An inquest jury decided Lord Lucan did murder the 29-year-old nanny of his three young children on this day in 1975.

Highs of 22 degrees in Liverpool today and 20 in Swansea.

And this week’s dog-pic-footnote…

Back on Monday. Have a good week.

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