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Good morning, it’s Monday 13th November.

The week ahead…

Inter Faith Week 2023 takes place from Sunday 12th – Sunday 19th

Monday: Rishi Sunak speech to the Lord Mayor’s Banquet

Sir Bobby Charlton’s funeral

Tuesday: Labour market statistics

Parole hearing for Jon Venables

Wednesday: Supreme Court issues judgment in the Home Office’s challenge to the ruling which blocked the government’s Rwanda immigration policy

US President Joe Biden holds summit with Chinese President Xi

Rupert Murdoch steps down from News Corp

Thursday: The Crown final series airs (part one)

Friday: Kurt Cobain’s ‘Skystang I’ guitar auctioned

Saturday: US Government federal shutdown may begin

Sunday: Argentinian presidential election run-off

“Over the past decade, Silicon Valley has learned that news is a messy, expensive, low-margin business—the kind that, if you’re not careful, can turn a milquetoast CEO into an international villain and get you dragged in front of Congress.”

A killer opening paragraph from Charlie Warzel in The Atlantic who brings us a fascinating deep-dive into the complex relationship between Big Tech and journalism. It’s behind a paywall unfortunately, but worth taking up the free trial offer to have a read.


Main winners at the Society of Editors Media Freedom Awards:

Bob Satchwell Award: Gary Younge 

Commentator of the year: Marina Hyde

Broadcast Journalist of the year: Piers Morgan

Foreign Correspondent of the year: Stuart Ramsey

Political Journalist of the year: Pippa Crerar

And speaking of awards…

“Ritula Shah, former BBC Radio 4 presenter of the World Tonight on overpaid news presenters, BBC cuts and news centralisation.”

Roger Bolton’s Beebwatch podcast is worth a listen.


On the Inside Edge website – Tony’s A-Z of media training: 

A is for Ambition:

It can be easier to talk about your work when you’ve got outcomes, fully formed analysis and results. It’s true that starting points – though vital to you – can leave the audience underwhelmed. Similarily aspirations may be a bit woolly. But an ambition -matched with the follow through of what your work could achieve – can really hit home. Exploration can be exciting. And it’s not about over-promising, instead it’s opening up a sense of the potential.


The Times newspaper was published for the first time in nearly a year on this day in 1979 (READ MORE).

Highs today of 14 degrees in Norwich and 15 in Tokyo.

That’s it. Just time for the obligatory dog photo. Stan stifling a yawn during the King’s Speech…

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Have a brilliant week.

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