Draw Me An Expert

2024 will be the Year Of The Expert

What does a scientist look like?

Children are drawing more women than ever before.

When asked to draw a scientist, kids in the United States are increasingly sketching women. A new study compiled information about over 20,000 pictures drawn by 5 to 18 year olds over 5 decades.


Good morning, it’s Monday 27th November.

The week ahead…

Monday: Global Investment Summit, London

Tuesday: Deadline for bids in Telegraph sale 

Wednesday: UN Security Council Middle East debate

Thursday: Matt Hancock gives evidence to the Covid-19 inquiry (and Friday)

The world’s leaders convene in Dubai for COP28

Friday: King Charles delivers the summit’s opening address

Brazil assumes G20 presidency 

Saturday: Pope Francis becomes the first pontiff to attend a COP summit

Sunday: ASLEF train drivers strike action on four lines

“The first month of the Israel-Gaza war is now the deadliest month for journalists since we began documenting fatalities in 1992

Since October 7th at least 53 journalists and media workers have been killed in the Israel-Gaza war.


According to numerous reports over the weekend Huw Edwards is set to step down from the BBC after an internal inquiry.


BBC Radio 4 Today programme’s Christmas guest editors this year will include:

Andrew Malkinson, wrongly jailed for 17 years

Ellie Goulding

GSK boss Dame Emma Walmsley

James May

NASA Head of Science Dr Nicky Fox


It’s rare the Daily Star gets much of a mention in the MMB, but the paper’s bizarre and long-running obsession with the word boffin has reached dizzy new heights...

On the Inside Edge website – Tony’s A-Z of media training: 

C is for Collateral Damage:

A term to drop in the file marked “sanitising language” and then leave it there. People use bland language to cover up the messy, the nasty and the worrying. The audience immediately are sceptical of any spokesperson who peppers their sentences with such phrases and the interviewer feels entitled to dig deeper and challenge the guest on what they really mean. “Efficiency savings” should be filed too.


John Major won the Conservatives’ leadership elections, becoming Britain’s new prime minister on this day in… (answer below the dogs)

Highs today of 9 degrees in Southampton and 1 degree in Berlin.

That’s it. Just time for the obligatory dog photo. Spooning Part 2:


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