You Can’t Fake It

Good morning – it’s Monday 15th January 2024.

Monday:  The Iowa caucuses

Tuesday: The Rwanda bill returns to the Commons

Senior figures from Fujitsu give evidence to the Post Office public inquiry

Davos begins in earnest

Wednesday: Axiom Mission 3 planned launch

Thursday:  Deadline for executive formation in Northern Ireland

Friday: Memorial for late German soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer 

Saturday: Ivan Toney returns to Premier League after betting ban

“The Post Office, robustly defending its position was a big reason why this story did not get away.”

Was the Horizon scandal a failure of the press? Why did it take an ITV drama for a huge miscarriage of justice to get the headlines it deserves?

This episode of the Media Show is a good listen, with voices who have pushed from the start including Ian Hislop, the BBC’s Nick Wallis and Computer Weekly’s Rebecca Thomson.


“It’s a very intimate medium between you and the listener. You can’t fake it.”

Annie Nightingale CBE

(1 April 1940 – 11 January 2024)

Fascinating from Yougov, this is a survey I haven’t seen before. The BBC is the most trusted UK news outlet – though note the proportion who consider it “very untrustworthy” is higher than the 16 organisations directly below it in the table.

Marmite. Twas ever thus. 

“We’re now in the 8th year of the political persecution of President Donald J. Trump. You are taking incoming everyday from the legal system, the Marxist Dims. Give us a sense of how you feel right now, and what your sense is of this country that will permit such an outrage?” 

The whole holding-power-to-account idea is lost on Lou Dobbs as he lobs pathetic questions like this at the former President.


President Nixon ordered a halt to American bombing in North Vietnam following peace talks in Paris on this day in 1973.

“Highs” today of 2 degrees in Glasgow and 1 degree in Brecon.

Just time for the obligatory dog photo – a special guest star this week. This is Monday Media Briefing reader Marie’s faithful friend Rockie.

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