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“They say that he who sups with the devil should have a long spoon. But, driven by vanity and unconstrained by any understanding of Russia’s history or politics, Tucker Carlson slurped up the intoxicating broth of Vladimir Putin’s falsifications in his interview with the Russian president.”

Sergey Radchenko

Morning all – it’s Monday 12th February 2024.

Today: Man goes on trial over murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky

Jon Stewart returns to The Daily Show

Tuesday: Amazon staff in Coventry begin 72-hour strike

Edward Enninful’s last edition of Vogue published

Wednesday: Presidential and legislative elections in Indonesia

Intuitive Machines IM-1 lunar lander mission launches

Thursday: By-elections take place in the Wellingborough and Kingswood constituencies

The first set of quarterly GDP statistics are released

Friday: London Fashion Week begins

Sunday: BAFTA Awards

“The challenge is being able to communicate it holistically, and make sure it’s not misinterpreted by the audience.”

But is that even possible? Or desirable?

Year Of The Expert continues with Chapter 6:


Podcast news. Starting with this:

We’ve been conditioned for centuries to believe an “expert” is a middle-aged white man telling us what to think. And yet there are so many powerhouses out there who don’t fit this mould and who aren’t given the chance to have their voices heard. When they do experience success it is often dismissed by those at the top as not being quite the right kind of expertise.”

Podcast powerhouse Elizabeth Day launches a new Podcast Production company championing female voices.

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Last week saw the launch of 2 new heavyweight podcasts:

Sky News politics pod Electoral Dysfunction will feature Beth Rigby, Ruth Davidson and Jess Phillips (dream line-up).

And from Global’s The News Agents stable comes The Sports Agents with Gabby Logan and Mark Chapman.


And finally on podcasts a recommendation. Last week’s The Rest Is Entertainment with Marina Hyde and Richard Osman on the troubles at Channel 4 is absolutely fascinating, as well as extremely worrying.

“CNN’s New Morning Strategy: More News, Less Banter”

We’ve been following Mark Thompson’s career from the BBC to the New York Times and now CNN with interest.

What are his plans for a network struggling with poor ratings and what many perceive as a lack of identity and mission?


“You can’t defy audiences or tell them how they should be consuming.”

Piers Morgan to leave TalkTV show to focus on YouTube.


In yesterday’s Sunday Express:


One of the world’s best-known paintings, The Scream by Edvard Munch, was stolen from a museum in Norway on this day in 1994.

Highs today of 9 degrees in Falmouth and 10 in London.

Just time for the obligatory dog photo and our special guest star series continues. Monday Media Briefing reader Ash writes:

“My staffie girl, Silvie, chasing the sunshine & waiting for warmer days!”

Please keep sending your photos.

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