Where are ya Joe?

We kick off this week with some numbers: 

News Conferences by this point in their Presidency:

Barack Obama: 66

Donald Trump: 52

Joe Biden: 33

Sit-down interviews by this point in their Presidency:

Barack Obama: 422

Donald Trump: 300

Joe Biden: 86

Source: Politico/NYT

Morning all – it’s Monday 19th February 2024.

Today: Tim Davie at select committee session on BBC Across the UK implementation

Tuesday: The final hearing in the long-running extradition case of Julian Assange is due to be heard at the High Court.

Wednesday: Bristol City council meeting on Edward Colston statue future.

Thursday: 46,000 junior doctors in England walk out for the 10th round of action in the BMA’s dispute with the UK Government.

Friday: Ofgem expected to announce the next adjustment to its energy price cap.

Saturday: The Republican primary in Nikki Haley’s home state of South Carolina.

Sunday: Early voting begins in Russia presidential election.

Parliamentary elections in Belarus.

“Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released like bats from a belfry.”

Year Of The Expert continues with Chapter 7 and one of the biggest reasons people turn down interview requests.

Our thoughts on nerves.


Speaking of nerves…how about this from a Times article about In Our Time, and the words of the academic who has appeared more than any other on the programme, Professor Angie Hobbs. This was the first of her 25 editions:

Rupert Murdoch met Rishi Sunak five times over a 12-month period before he stepped down as the chair of News Corp in September last year, according to government records.


Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright died last week. It sounds an obvious thing to say, but he was extremely good at his job. These were his reasons why:


Beginning with a footnote to last week’s story about the podcast market being dominated by white men, I spotted this on LinkedIn:

As my old BBC editor commented below the post: “Great stat – and sure some women were involved too?”

A five-mile exclusion zone was placed around an abbatoir in Essex after a suspected case of foot-and-mouth disease was detected on this day in 2001.

Highs today of 11 degrees in Stranraer and 13 in Bournemouth.

Just time for the obligatory dog photo…and the boys are back. And still sleeping.

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