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“Why Year Of The Expert? I now have a new answer. It’s contained in the first 28 pages of Ian Dunt’s book, ‘How Westminster Works…and Why it Doesn’t.’ It recounts Chris Grayling’s 2013 decision to privatise probation in this country, and the devastating effects of a failure – a total refusal – to listen to experts who actually know what they are talking about. The impact of an idiot uninformed political decision makes you genuinely angry – mainly at Grayling, but also the system. Above all though, it is a sobering story of what happens when experts are ignored.” 

Bubble Bursting – part 2, chapter 5 of Year Of The Expert is now live, and you can also catch up on the whole series so far.


Good morning. It’s Monday 22nd April 2024.

Monday: The Rwanda bill will once again return to the House of Commons for a fourth round of ping-pong

The case of the UK’s worst child serial killer in history, Lucy Letby, is heard at the Court of Appeal

Tuesday: MPs debate Football Governance Bill in the House of Commons

Wednesday:  Angela Rayner stands in for her boss at Deputy PMQS

US Supreme Court hears Idaho abortion law challenge

Thursday: Channel 4 hosts local elections debate

Friday: Paris 2024 Olympic flame handover ceremony

Saturday: White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Sunday: Israeli report on provisional measures due in South Africa’s ICJ case over Gaza genocide accusations

“To be chosen fills me with joy. It is a real privilege to present this extraordinary programme.”

BBC World Service presenter Nuala McGovern is the new presenter of Woman’s Hour.

Source: BBC Press Office

“The disinformation hurricane surrounding the Bondi stabbing marks the end of Twitter as a breaking news destination.”

Van Badham in The Guardian


Listen here, this is a rehearsal, not a fxxxing tea party!

One of the founders of ITN and a a legendary studio director Diana Edward-Jones has died. Colleagues have been universal in their praise of her creativity, unflappability and use of highly colourful language in the gallery…



Last week I talked about sports journalist Henry Winter being made redundant by The Times. Jonathan Lieu in The Guardian writes an odd epitaph

Haiti’s ruler, Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier, died after 14 years in power on this day in 1971.

Weather temperatures are suspended until summer arrives. (It’s too depressing to type “highs of 12 degrees” for the 453rd week in a row.

And just time for the obligatory dog photo. This is my niece’s dog Holly.

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