“Wounded and Limping”

“Wounded and limping, doubting its own future, American journalism seems to be losing a quality that carried it through a century and a half of trials: its swagger.”

This is a superb article from Politico’s Jack Shafer. And in many ways echoes the situation on this side of the Atlantic.


Good morning. It’s Monday 13th May 2024.

Monday: UN World Wildlife Crime Report released 

TuesdayMichelle O’Neill appears before the UK’s pandemic inquiry.

Cannes Film Festival opens

WednesdayAnnual foodbank figures from Trussell Trust 

Thursday:  Christie’s auctions Monet’s Moulin De Limetz painting

Friday: Boeing Starliner manned launch scheduled

Saturday: Stop the War / Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstrations

Sunday: Final day of the men’s Premier League season

It’s changeover day at Year Of The Expert

Part 2: The Where is now done and dusted, with all chapters now consolidated in one longer-form podcast. Next week, a cheeky Sir John Curtice bonus, before we move to Part 3. 


“I feel like I hear a diversity of opinions on immigration in BBC output. What I don’t feel I hear is enough stress-testing of those opinions. I don’t just want to hear that someone thinks something. I want to explore the reasons why they think that, and …how their perception of the issue marries with what’s actually happening.” 

A BBC journalist giving evidence to an independent review of BBC migration coverage – which finds “no consistent bias” in any direction.




Israel shuts down local Al Jazeera offices in “dark day for the media”.


UK News websites:

The Independent’s audience was up 8% month-on-month in March, leading to it jumping from sixth to fourth place in Press Gazette’s latest monthly ranking of the biggest news websites in the UK.

And finally at last week’s Arias (sorry for the cliche, but they really are the Oscars of the Radio Industry)…

Best Speech Presenter:

Marianna Spring – BBC Radio 4

Best single programme:

File on 4 – Jon Holmes, Generation Shame – BBC Radio 4


After an 86 year run Readers Digest UK is no more.

Vanessa Feltz gets a Saturday afternoon slot on LBC. Lewis Goodall gets Sunday morning. 

The Pope was shot four times at close range as he blessed the crowds in St Peter’s Square in Rome on this day in 1981.

And the popular weather slot finally returns on account of higher temperatures. 17 degrees in Bournemouth and 19 degrees in London today.  

And Leo for one is delighted… 

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