This page contains information for people coordinating forthcoming sessions with Inside Edge:


Inside Edge office: 020 8981 7411

Inside Edge email:

Tony Prideaux mobile: 07501 684 626

Chris Jameson mobile: 07886 476 722


Depending on the nature of the training, you may need to send delegates a pre-course survey. You can copy and paste the text below:

We look forward to working with you on an Inside Edge training course soon. Please take a few moments to fill in this short survey which enables us to tailor the session to suit your needs:

1) Have you ever had any media training prior to this?

1a) If yes, please give details.

2) How many times have you participated in a media interview related to your work?

2a) Please describe the experience(s).

3) In order to make the simulation element of the training as authentic as possible, please briefly describe an area of your work, which will form the basis of the interview simulations. Please be concise (i.e. a few sentences) and use language that makes sense to a non-specialist.

Thank you. Please email your responses to


You can read our standard Terms and Conditions here.