“Media Training A-Z”: W is for West Yorkshire

I could add the Wirral, Weston-super-Mare and of course, the whole of Wales. They’re proud regions, towns and countries in their own right. Keep relevant when  undertaking an interview about their patch. If you have statistics that can be broken down by region, make sure you have them to hand. If you can respond to a policy that’s unique to the National Assembly in Cardiff and not adopted by the Westminster government, then that’s a way of connecting to one of the four nations of the UK. Resorts are distinctive, with wildly variable employment rates over the four seasons – can that insight shape how you talk about the economic fallout of the pandemic? You are striking a chord with a specific audience and are more likely to keep people watching and listening to what you’ve got to say.

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From @InsideEdgeMedia

Today’s tip…
“A presenter’s ‘And finally’ can often cue the more personal interview question.  Keep focussed,  remember your no-go areas but embrace the personal when you can. Audiences warm to it.”
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Biden Front Pages

Some great front pages today…

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“Media Training A-Z”: V is for Vision

Great to have, but there is a danger lofty thoughts simply float off through the ether and aren’t in any way absorbed by our audiences. Two aspects of what can be called mission statements are entirely unhelpful; by their very nature they tend to be generalised and they are aspirational. From my point of view, then, a spokesperson I’m interviewing who talks in these terms can appear as if they’re not doing much. 


“We’re working to ensure our staff remain safe and so infection rates should remain low at our centres ” 

It’s stating the obvious – well, of course you’re looking out for your staff but HOW? and WHY then will this be effective in securing their health? Alway think of deliverables. 

“Here’s how we’re protecting staff/students/the public”. 

That’s when you become convincing.

By |6 November 2020|
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